Simple Computer

A Simple Computer is a Minimal Instruction Set Computer design by Sajjan G. Shiva used in his 1985 textbook ‘Computer Design and Architecture’ to teach the basic concepts of how a CPU functions. A modified version was used by the University of East Anglia in their first year Computer Architecture course.

The ASC processor is a 16-bit MISC design with 8 registers, 5 status flags and 16 standard instruction opcodes.

A simple computer v1

Originally written in 1999 using Turbo Pascal for a university course.  The source code has been manually recompiled with minor edits using FreePascal and runs via the command line on any Windows compatible PC.

A simple computer v2

Complete rewrite as a modern GUI application in FreePascal/Lazarus (Delphi) based entirely on the original specification by Sajjan G. Shiva.