Side Projects

l33t Translator

A command line two way translator for l33t speak.  Written in C# for a Reddit community learning challenge.


Conways Game Of Life

Based on British mathematician John Horton Conway’s formulas for simulating the spread and evolution of life, Game of Life was a very popular programming project for new micro owners in the 1970s.  A version can be found in David H. Ahl’s seminal 101 BASIC Computer Games and on side B of the Horizons cassette supplied with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.  This version was written in C# as part of a Reddit community coding challenge.


Tax Calculator

This is a little (10K) JAVA program to calculate your annual net income based on your hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/annual gross PAYE pay.  The Tax setting tab allows you to update the formulas for current Governmeny policy.


Simple Cash Register

Silly little JAVA application written as part of a Reddit community coding challenge.  Add up price of goods sold, total, calculate change required,  show minimum currency required to make the change.


10Liner Snake

A small game I wrote in early 2021 for the Amstrad CPC.  It’s a very simple version of the classic Snake game found on the old turn of the millennium Nokia mobile phones.  It was written for a 10Liner coding competition (