Intel / Zilog Processors

The following simulators are various learning projects following from the previous Simple Computer design. This time simulating realworld processors of the early/mid 1970’s based around the common Intel 8008/8080 design architecture.

Intel 8008 Simulator

Based on the general UIX of the previous ASC simulator, this program simulates the original Intel 8008 microprocessor running at 800KHz with a 25Hz display refresh.  This is a full 8-bit microprocessor design with a 14-bit addressable memory range (16KB).  User interaction is via decimal input and output, same as previous simulator.


Intel 8008 Simulator v2

A few fairly major bug-fixes that make version 1 (above) unusable.  And the addition of an 8-character matrix display.


Intel 8080 Simulator

Reworking of the i8008 system around the later i8080 cpu architecture running at a slightly faster 1MHz.

Intel 8080 Simulator v2

Previous systems were purely numerical based.  A modern equivalent of the original hobbiest computers such as the Altair 8080, KIM-1, and Sinclair MK.14.  Version 2 of the 8080 simulator changes to text based I/O – the logical equivalent of attaching a teletype.


Space Invaders

Failures teach us as much, if not more than success.  Having produced a functional i8080 simulation I thought it was time to put it to work.  Space Invaders, on paper, is the perfect project.  Alas we only get as far as displaying the letter ‘P’ on the title screen.  Having gone through the code up-teen times I’m fairly certain there’s an issue with timing with the two screen interrupts but alas I can’t find it.